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from top left: Bev Burton, Cara Ashbey, Jörg Tresp, Laura Katz, Ron Kitchener, Susan Busse

Second Round of Conference Speakers Announced for BreakOut West 2017

The director of a festival management company in the UK, a publicist for aggressive music, the owner of a German label and agency, the founder of an L.A.-based music supervision company, an entrepreneur and an innovator who embraces the future of today’s music business, and a publicist specializing in national campaigns for Canadian artists and entrepreneurs, are the second round of speakers for BOW 2017.

Stay tuned for a whole bunch more – we’re talking like 50+ more – exciting!


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from top left: Larry Heath, Ania Kasperek, Ben Mech-Thurlow, Grimur Atlason, Vanessa Cito, Henca Maduro

First Batch of Conference Speakers Announced for BreakOut West 2017

The director of a publishing and events company in Australia, a music manager who establishes cooperatives between artists in different markets, an agent at one of the largest diversified talent agencies with headquarters in Beverly Hills, Nashville, New York, Atlanta and London, a festival director whose duties include programming over 200 acts at 250 official shows over the course of five days, a master of customized social marketing plans and strategy for artists and brands across multiple online platforms, a director of the biggest international urban music conference in the world are the first batch of speakers for BOW 2017.


Full List of BOW 2017 Speakers and Schedule will be Posted Soon!

Until then, have a look below at what BOW 2016 in Regina had to offer.

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